Our History

Perseverance Lodge - The First “Cheltenham” Lodge

This took its rise at the time that Harry Poulton, a school master, could not get the necessary sponsorship into either of the Cheltenham Lodges, which in those days were very selective with regard to the social status of their candidates.

He was therefore forced to go further afield and was initiated in to the Semper Fidelis Lodge, No 529 in Worcester in 1909.

He, and a group of Brethren, later resolved to form a new Lodge in Cheltenham but met stern opposition from the two Lodges currently meeting there.

It took several years to persuade these Lodges to agree to the formation of a third, which took the name Perseverance Lodge to mark the protracted negotiations leading to its consecration in 1923.

Perseverance thereby became the first “Cheltenham” Lodge, the other two having moved to the town in the early 19th century.

It should be noted that, once convinced, the two older Lodges gave every assistance to the newly formed Lodge, in remembrance of which it is our custom to invite their Worshipful Masters to our Installation Festival each year.

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